Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Pine Key and Islamorada Travel Reviews

Big Pine KeyNo Name Pub-From our drive from the Key West to Key Largo, we stopped for lunch at the No Name Pub on Big Pine Key.  The No Name Pub was originally built in 1931 and has probably gone through several incarnations before getting to where it is today:  a touristy restaurant posing as a local hangout.  They basically pull people in by having an attitude of we don't care whether you like us or not because we hate tourists anyway, meanwhile they are selling t-shirts and hats.  They are also rumored to have the best pizza in the Keys.  When we got there, we were seated right away, which was fortunate, because they place is pretty small and cramped.  We weren't very impressed with the attitude of the place, but the pizza was pretty good, and it definitely hit the spot on the long drive.  I wouldn't really recommend that people go out of their way just to go there, but if they are in the vicinity and are ready to eat, it is a good place for lunch.

Islamorada: Lazy Days Restaurant-On the drive down from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West, we stopped for lunch at Lazy Days in Islamorada.  They have both indoor and outdoor seating, and we chose to sit outdoor on the balcony.  The restaurant overlooks the ocean, and it was very peaceful and relaxing, and really made it feel like the start of vacation.  My husband and I had mozzarella sticks as an appetizer.  I had a veggie burger as an entree, and my husband had a regular burger.  The food was fine, but I would really recommend this restaurant for the view and the atmosphere. 

Here's the view from the balcony:

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Robbie's Marina-We stopped at Robbie's on our way back up to Key Largo to feed the tarpon, which are giant fish.  For a small fee (I think around $4), you can buy a bucket of dead fish to feed to the tarpon and pelicans out on Robbie's dock.  (I think it was still $1-$2 to go out on the dock if you didn't buy the fish.) It was definitely a fun little stop, but my one major complaint is that they didn't have any bathrooms, only port-a-potties, so we had to drive the rest of the way to Key Largo with our hands stinking like dead fish.

Here's a photo of the tarpon waiting for lunch:

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