Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vassar Reunion

This summer, I went up to Vassar College for my college reunion.

Reunion (15 of 18)

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All classes ending in '1 and '6 celebrated their reunion this year. One of the most fun events at the reunion is the Parade of Classes where all the alumni march. The oldest class leads the way while the rest of the classes cheer them on. By the time they get to the youngest class, they have no left to cheer them on, but they are all young and rowdy enough to cheer themselves. Lol.

This year, we had an alumna from the class of 1936!

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Here she is getting a ride in the golf cart.

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(Speaking of golf carts, every where I went, the student volunteers were offering me rides in one of the golf carts. Great service, but it was making me feel old. Lol.)

A couple of the classes had bands play!

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Reunion (1 of 18)

Each class gave its class members an item that they are supposed to use during the parade. The classes of 1966 and 1971 were smart and gave out umbrellas.

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By the way, Meryl Streep graduated Vassar in 1971, but she didn't make it to the reunion. It would have been really cool if she had.

Family members can march in the parade too. This man from the class of 1986 brought his daughter.

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I know what you are thinking, and no, Vassar is not an all girls' school. It went co-ed in 1969.

Here's my class flag. As you can see, it ends in a 6, and that's all you'll get out of me (and it's not 1936).

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(Submitted to 52 Weeks of Happiness.)

Prior to the reunion, I was so excited to go up and take some photos of the campus which is gorgeous. In fact, it is so beautiful that it is routinely named one of the most beautiful campuses in the country by the Princeton Review. Unfortunately, it poured most of the weekend, so I didn't get too many photos with DSLR. I was able to walk around on Sunday morning, though, and got some photos with my powershot.

For some reason I took lots of different views of the library:

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And some trees. Vassar is well known for its trees. It is actually a designated arboretum .

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This tree once had the record for having the world's longest unsuspended branch:

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Reunion (18 of 18)

But it's now suspended.

The entire weekend, I didn't take any photos of my friends.  One of the Vassar photographers got one, though, which you can see on their website.

I wish that I had gotten some more photos during reunion, but I did go back to campus in July, and I took some photos so you will be seeing those soon.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Go Gos

I know I have been really bad at blogging. I have been really bad at even uploading my photos.  I just realized that I am missing at least one memory card with photos I took of the super moon way back in March, and I may potentially be missing a second card.  I need to get better at downloading my cards as soon as I can. Another reason that I have been slow about blogging is because I am trying to edit my photos in chronological order, and I had a bunch of photos that I really didn't feel like editing.  These were photos I took just for fun, and I really didn't know how to edit them or if they are even worth the effort.  So, I finally decided to just not edit them.  I am only a hobbyist afterall, so not all of my photos have to perfect.  (That's not to say that I actually think that any of my photos are perfect.)  Some of them may still be fun to post though. So, without further ado, here are the Go Gos!

Go Gos (1 of 8)

I went to their concert back in June. I had forgotten how incredibly talented they are.  Actually, to be honest, I am not really sure I even realized how incredibly talented they are.  When I was younger, I thought that they were really cool for being strong female rockers and that their music was really fun.  But now I also really appreciate how good the music is.


Go Gos (6 of 8)

Jane (my favorite):

Go Gos (3 of 8)


Go Gos (4 of 8)


Go Gos (5 of 8)


Go Gos (2 of 8)

Jane again (She's so kooky):

Go Gos (8 of 8)

Go Gos (7 of 8)

All of these were taken with the powershot.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I Got Picked!

I am pretty excited today.  I just noticed that the Brooklyn Botanic Garden just picked one of my photos that I had put into their Flickr group as one of their favorites for July and posted it on their website.  Here is the link.  Mine is the red tulip on the top right corner.

Now maybe I'll be inspired to start processing and blogging my photos again.